DRUM! December 2012

DRUM! December 2012Журнал для барабанщиков “Drum!” за декабрь 2012 г.

Ноты для ударных.


  • Matt Cameron. The Soundgarden drummer rarely plays it straight and his rhythms are as ornery as ever on the band’s first new album in 15 years.
  • Blake Richardson. The future of tech-death is in good hands (and feet) with Between The Buried And Me’s athletic pounder.

  • How To Play Brushes. Essential moves you’ll need to master this misunderstood tool from the brush guru himself.
  • Oguer “OG” Ocon. Triangulating between folkloric beats, African roots, and Southern Cali reggae-rock is the Slightly Stoopid percussionist’s cross to bear. He wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Product Test. New gear from Cajongo, Tycoon, Remo, and Meinl
  • Lessons. Glen Caruba shakes, rattles, and rolls out some new rhythms. Taku Hirano lays down the conga “ABC”s, Michael Jackson–style. Richie Gajate Garcia teaches the tumbao.
  • Inside In-Ear Monitors. The soundman hasn’t got a clue? Customize your buds to exacting specs and save your ears in the process.
  • Dialed In. The latest gadgetry from Porter & Davies, Aquarian, and Mark Drum.
  • Aquarian Nu-Brite Drumheads
  • Drum Parts: Abe Cunningham. Into the nitty-gritty of “Leathers” from Deftones’ latest release, Koi No Yokan.
  • Lessons. Danny Gottlieb remedies common sight-reading hiccups. Rich Redmond preaches the ever-useful sextuplet. From the encyclopedia of beats in his head, Billy Martin fashions a whole new one. A radical approach to filling space from Wally Schnalle.
  • Josh Eppard. Coheed And Cambria’s original drummer and the band are reunited, and it feels so good.

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