DRUM! April 2013

DRUM! April 2013Журнал для барабанщиков “Drum!” за апрель 2013 г.

Ноты для ударных.


  • 10 Days To Faster Hands. Give this proven method a whirl and you’ll be positively blazing through the rudiments in just over a week.
  • 2013 Drummies! Gear Awards. Your votes are in. Check out our readers’ choice results for the best gear of the past year.

  • Xavier Muriel. Buckcherry’s drummer has a few confessions to make, and they’re going to rock your world.
  • Michael Wimberly. The world-class djembe player lets his hands do the talking.
  • Product Test. Wula Djembes
  • Lessons. Glen Caruba talks trash. Taku Hirano sticks it to congas.
  • Drum Sound Replacement Strategies. After pounding out pop-punk anthems, Finch drummer Alex Pappas turns on the computer to craft the drum sounds of his dreams.
  • Dialed In. New gear from Mark Drum, KAT, Carlsbro.
  • Sonor Jojo Mayer Perfect Balance Pedal
  • Superdrum12 Snare Drums
  • Vinnie Colaiuta Workshop. Let’s see how well you can replicate the insanely odd-time parts on Zappa’s “Keep It Greasey” from 1978 classic Joe’s Garage.
  • Lessons. New columnist Glen Sobel gets all linear. Danny Gottlieb pays tribute to bebop innovator Sid Catlett.
  • Dirk Verbeuren. The Soilwork speed demon brings a new sensibility to the band and leaves his mark on extreme-metal in both the studio and the digital realm.
  • Ben Johnston. Bashing for U.K. chart-toppers Biffy Clyro is a ball, but it also takes brains.

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