Dave Lombardo — Power Grooves

Dave Lombardo - Power GroovesДейв Ломбардо: «Мощные грувы».

Ноты для ударных, звуковые примеры.

Пособие от барабанщика группы Slayer.

A no-nonsense approach to hard rock, thrash and heavy metal drumming by Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo.

The book and accompanying CD contain a wealth of material covering: power warm-ups, 8th-note grooves, 16th-note grooves, double bass grooves, riding the toms, and more.

In addition, the book includes detailed charts and the CD contains both demo and play-along versions of several tunes originally recorded by Dave with his band Grip Inc., such as:

Myth or Man * Empress (Of Rancor) * Colors of Death * Rusty Nail * Silent Stranger * и др.

pdf + mp3. Вес файла 69,3 mb, zip архив. На английском языке. 1999 г.

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