Daryl Ingleton – Learn To Play Drums Vol. 1 – The Complete Drum Method

Daryl Ingleton - Learn To Play Drums Vol. 1 - The Complete Drum MethodДэрил Инглтон: “Научитесь играть на барабанах, часть 1. Полный метод для барабанов”.

Ноты для ударных, звуковые примеры.

Для начинающих.


Learn to Play Drums
How to Use This Book
Suggestions for Independent Studying

What You Will Need:
Lesson One – Introduction to the Drum Kit
A Brief History of the Drum Kit
Standard Four-Piece Drum Kit Components
Setting up a Drum Kit – Body Ergonomics
Introduction to Grip Technique
Matched Grip
Hand and Arm Position
Application of Matched Grip
Striking a Drum
Lesson Two – Notation, Notes and Rests, Two Hand Playing, Foot Technique, Two Voice Playing
Introduction to Music Notation
Notes and Rests
Drum Notation
The Percussion Clef
Time Signatures
Bars and Beats
Whole Notes, 1/2 Notes and 1/4 Notes
Two Hand Playing
Foot Technique
Playing on Two Voices
Playing on Two Voices with Multiple Notes
Lesson Three – 1/8th Notes and 1/8th Note Rhythms
1/8th notes
1/8th Note Sticking Exercise
1/8th Note Sticking Exercise on Two Voices
Two-Voice Playing With Multiple Notes
1/8th Note Rhythms
1/8th Note Rhythm Exercises
1/8th Note Rhythm Exercises on Two Voices
1/8th Patterns With Other Notes
Lesson Four – Hi-Hat Technique and Three-way Coordination
Hi-Hat Technique
Multiple Note Notation
Two-way Coordination
Three-way Coordination
Three-way Coordination 1/8th Note Hi-Hat Pattern Exercises
Lesson Five – Repeat Signs, Backbeat, 1/8th Note Bass Drum Grooves
Repeat Signs
Example of Multiple Repetition
Drum Grooves
Backbeat With 1/8th Note Bass Drum Grooves
1/8th Note Bass Drum Grooves in 4/4
Two Bar Grooves
Lesson Six – 1/16th Notes, 1/16th Note Rhythms
1/16th notes
1/16th Note Stickings
1/16th Notes in Conjunction With Other Notes
1/16th Note Rhythm Notation
Beaming 1/16th Notes and 1/8th Notes Explained
Playing 1/16th Note Rhythms
1/16th Note Rhythms in Conjunction With Other Notes
Combining 1/16th Note Rhythms
Lesson Seven – Fills, Playing on the Toms
Drum Fills
Playing on Toms
Floor Tom
Moving Between Drums
Top Tom Playing
Floor Tom Playing
Moving Around the Kit
Playing Groove and Fills
Lesson Eight – Simile Marks, Fills of Different Lengths, Four-bar Phrasing
Simile Marks
Playing Simile Marks
Playing Fills of Different Lengths
One-, Two-, and Three-Beat Fills
Four-bar Phrasing Concept
Four-bar Phrasing
Lesson Nine – Ride Technique, Playing the Hi-Hat With the Foot, Four-way Coordination
Ride Technique
Playing on the Ride
Two-Way Coordination Ride Playing
Three-way Coordination Ride Playing
Playing the Hi-Hat With the Foot
Four-way Coordination
Lesson Ten – Bar Line Notation, Crash Technique, Transitioning Between the Hi-Hat and the Ride
Bar Lines
Crash Technique
Crash Playing
Groove Playing With The Crash
Ride Playing With The Crash
Four-way Coordination With Crash and Fills
Transitioning Between the Ride and the Hi-Ha

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