The Definitive James Horner Collection

The Definitive James Horner CollectionПолная коллекция Джеймса Хорнера.

Ноты для фортепиано.


Bishop’s Countdown from Alien
Braveheart Theme
Cocoon Theme
Dark Discovery from Alien
A Gift Of A Thistle from Braveheart
Jack Dawson’s Luck from Titanic

The Ludlows from Legends Of The Fall
My Heart Will Go On from Titanic
The Princess Pleads For Wallace’s Life from Braveheart
Ripley’s Rescue from Alien
Southampton from Titanic
Star Trek II : The Wrath Of Khan Theme
Take Her To Sea Mr. Murdoch from Titanic

pdf. Вес файла 3,1 mb. На английском языке. 1999 г.

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