Music From The Movies – The Action Collection

Music From The Movies - The Action CollectionМузыка из фильмов – коллекция боевиков.

Ноты для фортепиано. В легкой аранжировке.


Anthem (Top Gun)
Assassins Tango (Mr. And Mrs. Smith)
Eternal Vow (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
Fishermans Song Of The East China Sea (Kung Fu Hustle)
Its A Long Road (First Blood)
Its Caper Time: Self Preservation Society (The Italian Job)

Lear Crash (Con Air)
Main Title/End Title (Speed)
Main Titles/Atonement (The Bourne Supremecy/The Bourne Identity)
Main Titles/End Credits (True Lies)
Now We Are Free (Gladiator)
Ready For The Big Ride, Bubba (Face/Off)
Show Me Your Firetruck
Surrender (Tomrrow Never Dies)
Tagaki Dies (Die Hard)
Theme (Armageddon)
Theme (the Rock)
Title Theme (A Fistful Of Dollars)
Title Theme (Goldfinger)
Title Theme (Live and Let Die)
Title Theme (Mission: Impossible)
Welcome Aboard, Sir (Air Force One)

pdf. Вес файла 4,5 mb. На английском языке. 2006 г.

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