Hugh McDermott, Ian Macleish – Allans Irish Pianist Parts 1, 2

Hugh McDermott, Ian Macleish - Allans Irish Pianist Parts 1, 2Хью Макдермотт, Ян Маклейш: “Сборник мелодий к ирландским рилам, джигам, хорнпайпам и сетовым танцам”.

Ноты для фортепиано или аккордеона.

The collections of the Allans Irish fiddler series. Contains jigs, reels, hornpipes and set dances arranged for piano and piano accordion.

Irish Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes, & Set Dances.


Книга 1

Blackthorn Stick, The
Cobbler, The
Connaught Man’s Rambles, The
DonnybrookF air
Fasten the Leggin’
Father 0′ Flynn
Frost is all over, The
Haste to the Wedding
Irish Washerwoman, The
Jackson’s Favourite
Merry Maiden, The
Maid on the Green, Thtt
Merry Old Woman, The
Mouse in the Cupboard, The
Mug of Brown Ale, The
Paddy the Dandy
Pet of the Pipers
Rollicking Irishman
Saddle the Pony
Tenpenny Bit
Trip to the Cottage
Western Lilt, A

Bonnie Kate
Boys of the Lough, The
Bush in Bloom, The
First House in Connaught
Glendoan Fancy, The.
Green Meadow, The
Merry Blacksmith, The
Miss Monaghan
Morning Star
Mountain Lark, The
My Love is in America
Rising Sun, The
Salamanca, The
Scholar, The
Star of Muneter, The
Swallow’s Tail, The
Teetotaller, The
Wild Irishman, The
Alexander’s Favourite
Bashful Bachelor, The
Belfast Hornpipe
Boys of Bluehill, The
Down the Glen
Dunphy’s Hornpipe
Greencastle, The
Harvest Home
Leitram Fancy, The
Liverpool Hornpipe
Plains of Boyle, The
Pretty Maggie Morrissey
Rights of Man
Shan Van Vocht, The
Showman’s Fancy
Smith’s Favourite
Stack of Barley, The
Sweeney’s Hornpipe

Blackbird, The
Maggie Brown
Garden of Daisies, The
Maggie Pickens
High Caul Cap, The.
Old Derry March
Humours of Brandon.
St. Patrick’s Day
Three Captains, The

Книга 2Hugh McDermott, Ian Macleish - Allans Irish Pianist Parts 2

Bridal Jig, The
Cherish the Ladies
Happy Mistake, The
Haymakers Jig
Health to the Ladies, A
Kitty’a Ramble
Larry 0′ Gaff
Life is all Chequered
Over the Hills
Rakes of Kildare, The
Rover’s Return, The
Rambling Pitchfork, The
Rocky Road to Dublin, The
Smash the Windows
Swallows Nest
Tatter Jack Walsh

Barmaid, The
Blackberry Blossom, The
Captain Kelly
Donegall, The
Duke of Leinster
Flannel Jacket, The
Floggin’, The.
Flower of Limerick, The
Heather Breeze, The
Lord Gordon
Lord Wellington
Miss MCCloud
Molly’s Favourite
Pigeon on the Gate,
Templehouse, The ..
Wind that bhakes the Barley, The

Bantry Bay
Cliff Hornpipe,, The.
Cuckoo, The.
First of May.
Fishers, The
Galway Hornpipe
Humours of Califqrnia
Kelly’s Hornpipe
Kildare Hornpipe
Kingston, The
Lass on the Strand
Londonderry, The
Manchester, The
Sand% Hornpipe
Sligo Fancy, The
Stack of Wheat, The
Star Hornpipe, The
William’s Hornpipe

Bridge of Athlone
Walls of Limerick.
Siege of Ennis, The
Wmea of Tory

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