Greatest Piano Themes From The Movies

Greatest Piano Themes From The MoviesЛучшие фортепианные темы из фильмов.

Ноты для фортепиано.


American Beauty (from the DreamWorks Major Motion Picture AMERICAN BEAUTY)
Chariots Of Fire (from the Feature Film CHARIOTS OF FIRE)
Chocolat (from the Motion Picture CHOCOLAT)
The Cider House Rules (from the Miramax Motion Picture THE CIDER HOUSE RULES)

The Firm — Main Title (from the Paramount Motion Picture THE FIRM)
Forrest Gump — Main Title (Feather Theme) (from the Paramount Motion Picture FORREST GUMP)
Georgiana (from PRIDE AND PREJUDICE)
The Heart Asks Pleasure First (from THE PIANO)
Indecent Proposal (Main Theme) (from INDECENT PROPOSAL)
It Might Be You (Theme from TOOTSIE)
Theme From “Jurassic Park” (from the Universal Motion Picture JURASSIC PARK)
Leaving Netherfield (from PRIDE AND PREJUDICE)
The Ludlows (from TriStar Pictures’ LEGENDS OF THE FALL)
Maestro (from the Motion Picture THE HOLIDAY)
Neverland — Piano Variations In Blue (from FINDING NEVERLAND)
On Golden Pond (Main Theme from ON GOLDEN POND)
The Piano Duet (from Warner Bros. Pictures’ CORPSE BRIDE)
Riverside Walk (from WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING)
Road To Perdition (from the Motion Picture ROAD TO PERDITION)
Theme From “Sabrina” (from the Paramount Motion Picture SABRINA)
Love Theme From “St. Elmo’s Fire” (from the Motion Picture ST. ELMO’S FIRE)
Somewhere In Time (from SOMEWHERE IN TIME)
Theme From Summer Of ’42 (The Summer Knows) (Theme from SUMMER OF ’42)
Tubular Bells (Theme from THE EXORCIST)

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