Christian V. Hauser – Songwriting – Strategies For Musical Self-Expression And Creativity

Christian V. Hauser - Songwriting - Strategies For Musical Self-Expression And CreativityКристиан В. Хаузер: “Написание песен – cтратегии музыкального самовыражения и творчества”.

A musical composer, guitar rocker, and lyric opera singer team up to write this sensational book on songwriting. This book includes everything you want to know about the core competencies of songwriting, elements of music, and lyrics. Features include writing song lyrics, crafting musical compositions, musical styles, getting a contract, sustaining a career, publishers and agents, recording, and even how to survive in the music industry.

No matter what music genre you desire–-blues, country, hip hop, gospel, punk, classical, alternative, jingles, or rock–-this is the book for you. You will find this fascinating book filled with tips, quotes from famous songwriters and musicians, and numerous stories on songwriting that will keep you fully engaged.


1 Introduction to Songwriting
2 Core Competencies of Songwriters
3 Elements of Music: Rhythm
4 Pitch and Harmony
5 Form, Expression, and Timbre
6 Writing the Lyrics
7 Building Sustainability in the Music Industry
8 The Business of Songwriting
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
About the Authors

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