Rebeca Mauleon – Salsa Guidebook For Piano & Ensemble

Rebeca Mauleon - Salsa Guidebook For Piano & EnsembleРебека Молеон: “Руководство по сальсе для фортепиано и ансамбля”.

Ноты для фортепиано, баса и перкуссии.


About the Author
Photography Credits
Author’s Introduction

Chapter I: A Brief Survey of Salsa
Chapter II: Salsa Instruments & Ensembles
The Instruments of Afro-Cuban Music
Ensembles in Traditional Afro-Cuban Music
Puerto Rican Instruments
Dominican Instruments
Popular Styles of Instrumentation
Chapter III: The Clave: Its Transformation and Development
The Clave & Pulse
6/8 Clave
The Clave s Transformation
Son Clave
Rumba Clave
The Clave Today
Phrasing With The Clave
Variations On The Clave
Brazilian Clave
Chapter IV: Instrument Patterns and Clave
Polyrhythms in Cuban Music
The Rhythm Section:
-Tumbadoras (conga drums)
-Bell Patterns
-Hand Percussion
Other Rhythm Section Instruments
The Horn Section
The Melody and Clave
Chapter V: Rhythmic Styles and Structures
The Rhythms of Salsa
-The Four Cornerstones of Afro-Cuban Rhythm
-Common Cuban Rhythms & Styles
-Popular Non-Cuban Styles
Song Form and Structures
A Note on Arranging
Rhythmic Style Score Samples
Salsa Standards
Appendix A: Listening List
Appendix B: Discography

pdf. Вес файла 30 mb, zip архив. На английском языке. 1993 г.

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