David Overthrow — Beginning Electric Bass

David Overthrow - Beginning Electric BassДэвид Овертроу — «Электрический бас для начинающего».

Ноты, табы и звуковые примеры.

Perfect for beginning bassist or players who want to enhance their knowledge. Starting with a review of reading music, this book explains the basics of music theory as it relates to being a great bass player with an easy, step-by-step approach.

Before you know it, you’ll be using major scales, triads and 7th chords to create cool-sounding bass lines for the most important chord progressions all bassists need to know. Learn to lock in with a drummer and the basics of blues and funk styles. Students, teachers and self-taught players alike will enjoy this thorough, easy-to-use method.

It is probably designed for the bassist whom can already play a few notes, the book opens many doors for any beginner bassist. The major tetrachords chapter shows how to play a one- octave major scale in as many as 9 ways.

The book teaches musical concepts and how they apply to the bass. In a well-written format this book doesn’t just show you a scale or chord and move on, but rather it not only presents material, but also explains and demonstrates how it is used to create bass lines in a real world bass playing situation.

If you want to be a creative bassist and eventually be able to create your own bass lines, this beginning book is where to start. Not only do you learn some great bass lines, but also you begin to understand how to create your own by learning about rhythm, triads, 7th chords, diatonic harmony, blues, funk, rock, common chord progressions and much more. I can’t wait to get the Intermediate book of this series. 5 stars all the way!

pdf + mp3. Вес файла 105 mb, zip архив. На английском языке. 2000 г.

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