Fred Sokolow – Fretboard Roadmaps – 5-string Banjo

Fred Sokolow - Fretboard Roadmaps - 5-string BanjoФред Соколов: “Дорожные карты грифа – 5-ти струнное банджо”.

Ноты, табы, аккордовые диаграммы.

This handy book will get you playing all over the banjo fretboard in any key! You’ll learn to: increase your chord, scale and lick vocabulary; play chord-based licks, moveable major and blues scales, melodic scales and first-position major scales; and much more! The book features easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions for beginning, intermediate and advanced players.

pdf. Вес файла 12,9 mb, zip архив. На английском языке. 2003 г.

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