William Leavitt – Classical Studies For Pick Style Guitar

William Leavitt - Classical Studies For Pick Style GuitarУильям Ливитт: “Классические произведения для гитары в медиаторном стиле”.


20 cоло и дуэтов Баха, Каркасси, Паганини, Сора и других, адаптированных к медиаторной технике.

This Berklee Workshop, featuring over 20 solos and duets by Bach, Carcassi, Paganini, Sor and other renowned composers, is designed to acquaint intermediate to advanced pick-style guitarists with some of the excellent classical music that is adaptable to pick-style guitar. With study and practice, this workshop will increase a player’s knowledge and proficiency on this formidable instrument.

pdf. Вес файла 7,6 mb. На английском языке. 1986 г.

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