Wayne Erbsen — Flatpicking Guitar For The Complete Ignoramus!

Wayne Erbsen - Flatpicking Guitar For The Complete Ignoramus!Уэйн Эрбсен: «Гитара с медиатором для полных невежд».

Табы для гитары, гармония, последовательности, лирика, аккордовые диаграммы.


Parts of a Guitar
Come into the Schoothouse!
Pioneers of Flatpicking Guitar
The Birth of Flatpicking Guitar
Masters of Flatpicking Guitar

My Flatpicking Heroes
Tuning Your Guitar
How to Hold the Guitar
How to Hold the Pick
How to Play the Strings
Guitar Chords
Rhythm Guitar on Campfire Songs
Wayne’s New Tab for Ignoramuses
Nearly Painless Music Theory
The Fear of Scales
Finding Your G Scale
Playing by Ear
Starting Notes of Popular Tunes
Picking Out Melodies
Amazing Grace
Bill Monroe’s Shady Grove
Boogie Woogie
Down the Road
Flatpicker’s Blues
Goin’ Across the Sea
Little Maggie
Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Playing in the Key of C
Black-Eyed Susie
Bury Me Beneath the Willow
Cotton-Eyed Joe
Darling Corey
Deer Lake Polka
Little Rosewood Casket
Keep on the Sunny Side of Life
On Top of Old Smoky
Red River Valley
Shortenin’ Bread
Where the Soul Never Dies
Wildwood Flower
Playing in the Key of D
Angelina Baker
Arkansas Traveler
Cluck Old Hen
Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down
In the Pines
Little Willie
Soldier’s Joy
Train 45
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Playing in the Key of A Minor
House of the Rising Sun
Muley’s Daughter
Poor Wayfaring Stranger
Rain and Snow
Shady Grove
Key of D Minor
Little Sadie
Swannanoa Tunnel
The E Minor Scale
The Cuckoo
Wild Bill Jones
The Key of A
Man of Constant Sorrow
Tater Patch
Using a Capo
How to Jam
Figuring Out What Chords Go Where
Backing Up Fiddle Tunes
Popular Fiddle Tune Chords
Flatpicking Listening
Chords & Bass Notes

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