The Contemporary Guitar – An Anthology Of New Music

The Contemporary Guitar - An Anthology Of New MusicСовременная гитара – антология новой музыки.


Коллекция произведений для акустической гитары в разных стилях.

This collection of new music, written by composers who are or who have been performing guitarists themselves, presents intermediate to advanced concert works that explore the musical and technical diversity of the contemporary guitar.

Each composer offers a unique musical and technical perspective of what the contemporary guitar is.

The harmonic language ranges from jazz to atonality, the styles vary from blues to minimalism, and the cultural influences span from Eastern European to Celtic.

The composers include Delpriora, Gilardino, Hudson, Johanson, Kenyon, Marron, Mearns, Ourkouzounov, Piorkowsky, and Van der Veen. The music is standard notation only.

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