Stefan Grossman – Masters Of Country Blues Guitar – Blind Boy Fuller

Stefan Grossman - Masters Of Country Blues Guitar - Blind Boy FullerСтефан Гроссман – Серия “Мастера кантри-блюзовой гитары – Блайнд Бой Фуллер”.

Ноты, табы, тексты песен и оригинальные записи.

The Early Masters of American Blues series provides the unique opportunity to study the true roots of modern blues. Stefan Grossman, noted roots-blues guitarist and musicologist, has compiled this fascinating collection of 19 songs, transcribed exactly as performed by legendary blues master Blind Boy Fuller. In addition to Stefan’s expert transcriptions, the book includes a CD containing the original recordings of Blind Boy Fuller so you can hear the music as he performed it.Blind Boy Fuller was one of the most popular “Piedmont Blues” artists, recording most of his work during the late 1930s. Close friends with Sonny Terry and Rev. Gary Davis, his “country blues” music and fingerpicking playing style influenced thousands of blues players.


Black and Tan
Meat Shakin’ Wooman
Stingy Mama
Corrine, What Makes You Treat Me So?
Weeping Willow
Baby, Quit Your Low Down Ways
Piccolo Rag
Untrue Blues
Painful Hearted Man
Get Your Yas Yas Out
Thousand Wooman Blues
Sweet Honey Hole
Screaming and Crying Blues
Walking My Troubles Away
Jitterbug Rag
Crooked Wooman Blues
Lost Lover Blues
Mama Let Me Lay It On You
Worn Out Engine

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