Stefan Grossman — Complete Ragtime Guitar

Stefan Grossman - Complete Ragtime Guitar

Стефан Гроссман: «Полная рэгтайм гитара».

Ноты, табы и звуковые примеры.


Ragtime guitar
Guitar, strings, capos and things
Explanation of the tabulature system
The alternating bass:

— Oh papa
— Buck dancer’s choice
— Shake sugaree
— Katz rag
Raggin’ the blues:
— Buck rag
— С rag
— Make believe stunt
— Blake’s breackdown
Ragtime marches, dances and cakewalks:
— High society
— Mabel’s dream
— Creole belles — march and two step
— At a Georgia camp meeting
The classic rags:
— Maple leaf rag
— The entertainer
— Grizzly bear rag
— Florida rag
— Pineapple rag

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