Muriel Anderson — Master Anthology Of Blues Guitar Solos

Muriel Anderson - Master Anthology Of Blues Guitar SolosМюриэль Андерсон: «Мастер антологии блюзовых гитарных соло».

Ноты, табы, звуковые примеры.


A Heart Much Obliged Stefan Grossman
Alley Music Mickey Baker
Au Contraire Craig B Dobbins
B’s Shuffle Phil Upchurch
Been In The Pen So Long (Not On Cd) Jerry Silverman

Bird Blues Paul Musso
Blue Dawn William Bay
Blue Line Jay Umble
Blue Stairway Roger Hudson
Blues For Amos Johnson Tommy Flint
Blues For Macedonia Muriel Anderson
Blues For Paavo (Song Not On Cd) Ole Halen
Blues For Phyllis Alan De Mause
Blues For Tampa Red Paul Rishell
Blues Lite Al Hendrickson
Blues On Bartok Street Tim Sparks
Chicago Joe Vincent Sadovsky
Clear Spring Blues Paul Yandell
Dale’s Boogie Blues Dale Miller
Deep River Blues Steven Eckels
Down Bay The Bijou (Song Not On Cd) Ronald Muldrow
Dubuque Blues John Zaradin
Eight Hour Shift Larry Mccabe
Emma Felix Schell
Fat Boy Blues Franco Morone
Frankie And Johnny Arranged By Bill Piburn
Frogs For Snakes Dix Bruce
Furry’s Train Fred Sokolow
Gardenia Blues Ben Bolt
Icile Blues Larry Bolles
Intro Blues Jim Ferguson
Jazz Blues Paul Musso
Jo Blues Paul Lolax
June Rag Mike Christiansen
Long Island Expressway Blues Stanley Solow
Low Down Buddy Fite
Memories Of Mose Tommy Flint
Memphis Blues (Not On Cd) Wc Handy
Mississippi Jump Time Fred Sokolow
New Kitchen Blues Martin Simpson
Oscar’s Blues Mike Christiansen
Over And Over Blues John «Bucky» Pizzarelli
Rosenannon Blues Comp. And Arr. By Dan Bowden
Russel Street William Bay
St. Louis Blues Arr: John Griggs And Carlos Barbosa-Lima
Still Staggerin’ Duck Baker
Sweet Sadness Jean-Felix Lalanne
Tampa Red Dale Miller
Try Me Blues John Griggs
What A Friend We Have In Jesus Charles C Converse; Arr: John Standefer
Ya Da Ya Da Mike Christiansen
Yellow Dog Blues (Not On Cd) Wc Handy
You Have Your Basic Bebop Blues Alan De Mause

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