Mark Phillips And Jon Chappell — Guitar Songs And Styles For Dummies

Guitar Songs and Styles For DummiesПутеводитель по различным стилям, песням и гитарным техникам. Серия «Для Чайников». Ноты, табы, звуковые примеры и видео к урокам.

Immerse yourself in sounds, techniques, and a whole lot of fun with this enhanced ebook. Part instruction, part video and audio play-a-long, Guitar Songs & Styles For Dummies is the perfect mix of instruction — whether you are a beginner or experienced guitar player.

Watch correct hand position, posture, and playing techniques with detailed videos. Get the instruction you need to rock every type of Rock, including Classic Rock ‘n’ Roll, Modern Rock, and Country-Rock. Discover the Blues when you explore rhythm and lead techniques, signature riffs, and progressions.

Then play along with popular Blues songs,including Chicago Shuffle and Mississippi Mud. Get familiar with Folk style, by learning fingerstyle techniques, playing Arpeggio style, trying thumb-brush and carter style, and taking on Travis picking.

Have some fun with Folk when you play along with House of the Rising Sun, Gospel Ship, and Freight Train tunes. Go classical with instruction on proper seating and hand positions,ways to combine arpeggios and melody, and details to play free and rest strokes.

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