Mark Phillips – 40 Classical-Era Pieces By 40 Classical-Era Composers For Easy Classical Guitar

Mark Phillips - 40 Classical-Era Pieces By 40 Classical-Era Composers For Easy Classical GuitarМарк Филлипс: “40 пьес классической эпохи от 40 композиторов классической эпохи для легкой классической гитары”.

Ноты, табы для гитары.


Carl Friedrich Abel, MINUET (from 6 Easy Sonatas for Harpsichord, WK 146) Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, MINUET (from Musikalisches Vielerley, H 218) Johann Christian Bach, PRELUDE Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, TRIO II (from Keyboard Suite, F 24: Minuet) Ludwig van Beethoven, VARIATION NO. 4 (from 6 Variations on Nel cor piu non mi sento)

Luigi Boccherini, MINUET (from Sonata for Viola and Cello, G 18) William Boyce, THE DISTRACTED LOVER Carlo Antonio Campioni, TENDREMENT (from Duet No. 4 for Violin and Cello) Luigi Cherubini, FINALE (from Les deux journes, Act II Excerpt) Domenico Cimarosa, ORGAN SONATA NO. 9 Muzio Clementi, VARIATION NO. 17 (from The Black Joke with 21 Variations, WO2) Franz Danzi, ALLEGRETTO (from Balladen und Romanzen, Op. 46) Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf, MINUET II (from Duo for Viola and Cello, K 218) Jan Ladislav Dussek, AIR (from Petits airs connus varis, Op. 6) Christoph Willibald Gluck, ORFE ET EURYDICE: BALLET III (Second Theme) Franois-Joseph Gossec, GAVOTTE (from the opera Rosine) Franz Joseph Haydn, MINUET (from Baryton Trio No. 87) Michael Haydn, MINUET (from Divertimento, MH 9) Pieter Hellendaal, MINUET (from Cello Sonata, Op. 5, No. 3) Franz Anton Hoffmeister, VARIATION NO. 4 (from 12 Variations for Keyboard) James Hook, ALLEGRO (Lesson 10 from Guida di Musica, Op. 37) Johann Nepomuk Hummel, THEME III (from 3 Sets of Variations for Piano, Op. 1) Leopold Kozeluch, BERNOISE Franz Krommer, ROMANZA (from Six Little Duets for Two Recorders) Leopold Mozart, TRIO (from Nannerls Music Book: Minuet) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, L CI DAREM LA MANO (from Don Giovanni) Josef Mysliveek, RONDO (from Harpsichord Sonata No. 3) Giovanni Paisiello, AVE MARIS STELLA Niccol Piccinni, GIAMMAI PROVAI (from La Donna Vana Excerpt) Ignaz Pleyel, RONDO (from Six nouvelles sonates progressives) Anton Reicha, THEME (from Duet No. 7 for Violin and Cello, First Movement) Antonio Rosetti, ALLEGRETTO (from Blumenlese fr Klavierliebhaber) Antonio Salieri, MINUET (from 3 Trios for 2 Oboes and Bassoon) Franz Schubert, SYMPHONY NO. 5 (Second Movement Theme) Antonio Soler, MINUE DI RIVOLTI (from Piano Sonata No. 62) Johann Stamitz, MINUET (from Three Duets to Be Played on One Violin) Giovanni Battista Viotti, VIOLIN DUET NO. 3 (Third Movement) Georg Christoph Wagenseil, TRIO (from Keyboard Sonata, WV 9: Minuet) Carl Maria von Weber, ECOISSAISE NO. 2 (from 6 Ecossaises) Samuel Wesley, ORGAN VOLUNTARY NO. 12 (Third Movement)

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