Levi Clay – Slide Guitar Soloing Techniques – Discover The Techniques And Secrets Of Modern Slide Guitar Playing

Levi Clay - Slide Guitar Soloing Techniques - Discover The Techniques And Secrets Of Modern Slide Guitar PlayingЛеви Клэй: “Сольные техники слайд-гитары. Откройте для себя техники и секреты современной игры на слайд-гитаре”.

Ноты, табы, аккордовые диаграммы.

Discover the Expressive Art of Modern Slide Guitar Playing

Slide guitar is currently enjoying a huge renaissance thanks to contemporary players like Derek Trucks, Joey Landreth, Brett Garsed, AJ Ghent and Jack White – great innovators who are carrying the flame for the next generation. And our new how to play slide guitar book teaches you how.

Learning how to play slide guitar is one of the few techniques can change your whole approach to the guitar, so much so that it becomes a whole new instrument. In this book, you will master the art and technique of modern electric slide guitar playing.

What You’ll Learn:

Essential open tunings for slide, & scale shapes for innovative soloing
Advanced guitar techniques such as playing behind the slide, false harmonics & legato
Slide guitar licks in style of Duane Allman, Ry Cooder and Johnny Winter
Modern techniques from Derek Trucks, Dan Auerbach, Joey Landreth and Brett Garsed
The rarely taught skill of playing slide guitar in standard tuning!

In Slide Guitar Soloing Techniques, virtuoso guitarist Levi Clay teaches you perfect slide guitar technique from its first foundations. You’ll master accurate intonation, string muting and expressive vibrato before learning to expressing yourself musically on slide guitar.

You’ll discover how to play with a full range of expression and emotion while mastering the most useful chords, inversions, and playing positions used by the world’s best players.

As well as learning slide guitar in all the common open tunings, we’ve even included chapters on how to transfer any open tuning lick to standard tuning so you can grab any guitar and instantly make incredible music.

With full-length study pieces and complete slide guitar solos to learn, and with hundreds of licks, tips and techniques of your favourite players Slide Guitar Soloing Techniques is the ultimate guide to the art of modern creative slide guitar.

Here’s What You Get:

Expressive and authentic modern slide guitar lessons
Dozens of exercises and slide guitar techniques you can use to make beautiful music instantly
Tips on choosing the right slide, guitar setup and nailing the perfect amp tone
Perfectly notated examples with tab and studio-quality audio to download for FREE
Bonus: Learn complete solos and dazzling performance pieces so you always have something meaningful to play for a crowd.

Hear it!

Slide Guitar Soloing Techniques contains over 150 supporting audio examples, so you can hear exactly how each one should sound.

Learn how to play slide guitar, and bring your performance and take skills as a guitarist to the next level – today!


Chapter One: An Introduction To Slide Playing
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Chapter Two: Getting in Tune
Chapter Three: An Introduction to Using the Slide
Chapter Four: Single String Exercises
Chapter Five: Single String Solo
Chapter Six: Changing Strings
Chapter Seven: Slide Guitar Scales
Chapter Eight: Chord Inversions
Chapter Nine: Advanced Techniques
Chapter Ten: Open E Solo
Chapter Eleven: Standard Tuning
Chapter Twelve: Standard Tuning Solo

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