Leo Cavanagh – Beyond Power Chords

Leo Cavanagh - Beyond Power ChordsЛео Кавана: “По ту сторону мощных аккордов”.

Конструирование аккордов, прогрессии, диаграммы, теория, ритмические рисунки. Джазовая гармония.

If you want to take your guitar playing and thought process to the next level, check out this new book and CD and let it guide you beyond the two-fingered rut!

The first of many music instruction titles, this thorough, detailed guitar book covers intermediate and professional guitar techniques and contains all the detailed, useful information you’ve been looking for. Many guitar players rely on power chords, which are simple chords that are somewhat limiting from a musical standpoint.

Once you get comfortable with bar chords and the concepts taught in this book, however, the number of chords you can play will increase dramatically.

“Beyond Power Chords” gives you the means to play all types of chords – major, minor, seventh and more in all keys. Also included is an 85-track audio CD with almost 300 examples performed by the author.

pdf + mp3. Вес файла 151 mb, zip архив. На английском языке. 2003 г.

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