Jonathan Adams — Master Anthology Of Fingerstyle Guitar Solos. Vol. 1

Jonathan Adams - Master Anthology Of Fingerstyle Guitar Solos. Vol. 1Джонатан Адамс: «Антология пальцевых гитарных соло от мастера. Том 1».

Ноты, табы, звуковые примеры.

67 произведений для акустической гитары от множества авторов!

This anthology includes both new pieces and outstanding previously published fingerstyle tunes. Veteran performers and talented young upstarts are given a forum for their best work. Includes 3 CD’s! Intermediate to advanced in difficulty with nearly all pieces appearing in standard notation with tablature.

The contributors are: Jonathan Adams, Muriel Anderson, Seth Austen, D.R. Auten, Douglas Back, Duck Baker, Steve Baughman, William Bay, Pierre Bensusan, Larry Bolles, Ben Bolt, Bill Brennan, Thom Bresh, Rolly Brown, Robin Bullock, Jonathan Burchfield, Michael Chapdelaine, Mike Christiansen, William Coulter, Marcel Dadi, Peppino D’Agostino, Craig Dobbins, Pat Donohue, Doyle Dykes, Steven Eckels, Tim Farrell, Peter Finger, Tommy Flint, Rick Foster, Stefan Grossman, Ole Halen, Todd Hallawell, Roger Hudson, Jack Jezzro, Buster B. Jones, Laurence Juber, Phil Keaggy, Pat Kirtley, Jean-Felix Lalanne, Jay Leach, Paul Lolax, Woody Mann, Dennis McCorkle, El McMeen, Dale Miller, Franco Morone, Stevan Pasero, Ken Perlman, Al Petteway, Bill Piburn, Chris Proctor, Harvey Reid, John Renbourn, Don Ross, Vincent Sadovksy, Dylan Schorer, John Sherman, Martin Simpson, Johnny Smith, Fred Sokolow, Tim Sparks, John Standefer, David Surette, Guy Van Duser, Al Viola, Paul Yandell, Andrew York, and John Zaradin.


A Waltz For Rebecca       Al Petteway
Aurora Borealis       Tommy Flint
Badlands       John Standefer
Beyond The Known       Jack Jezzro
Blues For The Mann       Stefan Grossman
Blues From Jekyll       Roger Hudson
Bourree       David Surette
Breath Of Spring       Aj Weidt, Arr: Douglas Back
Bright Morning Stars       Arr: Martin Simpson
Brisas Nordestinas       John Zaradin
Brusseler Spitzer       Albert Vossen, Arr: Ole Halen
Buster B Boogie       Buster B. Jones
Chapel Road       Rolly Brown
Cindy And Norm       Arr: Guy Van Duser
Clair De Lune       Arr: Jonathan Burchfield
Con Spirito       Al Viola
Cowboy Waltz       Michael Chapdelaine
Crazy Basses       Franco Morone
Dove Song       Steven Zdenek Eckels
Fay’s Hornpipe       Bill Brennan
Fiddle Melody       Tim Sparks
Gee       Fred Sokolow
Getaway       Peter Finger
Gitana       Stevan Pasero
Gitarre 2000       Doyle Dykes
Glass Of Beer       Arr: Dylan Schorer
Global Village       Seth Austen
Hangin With The Girls I Know       Thom Bresh
Hickory Jack       Arr: Steve Baughman
High Society       Pat Donohue
If I Only Had Wings       D.R. Auten
Jacobs Ladder       El Mcmeen
Jesus Loves Me       Arr: Bill Piburn
Joyride To Tranquility       Tim Farrell
Keep It Under You Heart       Duck Baker
Klimbim       Don Ross
Laguna Girls       Jean-Felix Lalanne
Lazy Tuesday       William Bay
Leola Kay       Todd Hallawell
Londonderry Air       Arr: Rick Foster
Lord Inchquin       Arr: Jonathan Adams
Lost Hollow Lament       Robin Bullock
Love Lifted Me       Howard E Smith, Arr: Craig B Dobbins
Marleys Ghost       Andrew York
Meadowlands       Arr: Paul Lolax
Misty Night       William Bay
Mo Ghille Mear       Macdhomnaill
Of Eagles Wings       Jay Leach, Transcribed: Lenny Carlson
Palermo Show       John Renbourn
Prelude And Allegro       Larry Bolles
Prelude To Minstrel’s Dream       Harvey Reid
Relaxin       Paul Yandell
Remembering Linda       Michael Christiansen
Rosalee       Muriel Anderson
Runoff       Chris Proctor
Rural Life       Pat Kirtley
Scarborough Fair       Arr: Ben Bolt
Seguel/The Vision       Phil Keaggy
Shadow Dancing       Vincent Sadovsky
Song For Chet       Transcribed: Lenny Carlson
Sonny’s Mazurka       Ken Perlman
The Dancer       Peppino D’agostino
The Green Valleys       Dennis Mccorkle
The Jig Is Up       Laurence Juber
The Rascally Rabbit       John Sherman
Top Hat       Woody Manm, Transcribed: Lenny Carlson
Waltz       Johnny Smith, Edited: Charles Postlewate
Watch The Stars       Arr: Martin Simpson
Whispering       Adapted And Arr: Dale Miller
Wu Wei       Pierre Bensusan

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