John Zaradin – Jazz For The Classical Guitar

John Zaradin - Jazz For The Classical GuitarДжон Зарадин: “Джаз для классической гитары”.

Ноты и аккорды.

17 джазовых стандартов в аранжировке для классической гитары.

A superb selection of jazz favourites arranged for classical guitar by John Zaradin. These arrangements provide the classical guitar players with an opportunity to add an impressive collection of jazz standards to their repertoire. The pieces are arranged as solos, offering the player scope to develop individual improvisations. Each selection is helpfully annotated with playing hints.

John Zaradin is Europe’s foremost player of classical Brazilian guitar music. His early training at the Royal College of Music and the Paris Conservatoire has combined with his deep involvement and love of the music and people of South America, to result in the unique sound he makes today.


  1. Bluesette
  2. Body And Soul
  3. Django
  4. Don’t Dream Of Anybody But Me
  5. Girl Talk
  6. In A Mellow Tone
  7. Mood Indigo
  8. Ornithology
  9. Perdido
  10. Round Midnight
  11. St. Louis Blues
  12. Take The ‘A’ Train
  13. The Births Of The Blues
  14. Triste
  15. Watermelon Man
  16. West Coast Blues
  17. Willow Weep For Me

pdf. Вес файла 4 mb. На английском языке. 1990 г.

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