John Loesberg – Irish Music For Guitar

John Loesberg - Irish Music For GuitarДжон Лоэсберг: “Ирландская музыка для гитары”.



The rights of man
The boys of Bluehill
She moved through the fair
Baidin Pheilimi
Fear an Bhatta
The Lark in the Clear Air

Eileen Aroon
Did you see the Black Rogue
Down by the Sally Gardens
The Sprinningwheel song
Spancil Hill
The irish washerwoman
Planxty Irwin
Planxty Judge
Planxty Maguire
The Lamentation of Owen O’Neill
Carolan’s Concerto
Planxty Charles Coote
Huleth’s health
Planxty Connor
Si Beag Si Mor
Morgan Magan
Fanny power
Airdi Cuan
The three Seacaptains

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