Jerry Silverman – How To Play Folk Guitar

Jerry Silverman - How To Play Folk GuitarДжерри Силверман: “Как играть фолк на гитаре”.

Ноты, аккордовые диаграммы, аккорды, вокальный подстрочник, лирика.

Вы изучите ноты, аккорды, звукоизвлечение, басовые линии, арпеджио, транспонирование. Содержит более 80 любимых народных песен (буржуйских), баллад. Блюз, блюграсс, госпел.

Learn to play Folk Guitar with Jerry Silverman. The many facets of Jerry Silverman’s musical background and experience combine to make him one of this country’s outstanding guitar teachers and most prolific authors of music books. He brings to his works the unusual combination of a formal musical training and the traditional approach to the guitar.

Jerry Silverman authored close to one hundred books dealing with various aspects of guitar, banjo and fiddle technique as well as numerous song books and arrangements for other instruments. You will learn notes, chords, strums, bass runs, arpeggios, transposing. Contains over 80 favorite folk songs, ballads. Blues, bluegrass, gospel lessons.


1. Chords And Notes
2. Bass Runs
3. Arpeggios
4. Country And Bluegrass Guitar
5. Gospel Guitar
6. Renewing Musical Matters

pdf. Вес файла 17 mb. На английском языке. 1983 г.

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