Guitar One March 2000

Guitar One March 2000Гитарный журнал № 1 за март 2000 г.

Ноты, табы.


Guitar Noise & Feedback
Riff Box: Classicrock – 10 great Riffs from the ’70s
Guitar Lick-tionary – A Source of Licks for Every Musical Style
Vox Pathfinder – Paths of 15-watt Glory
Danelectro 12-String – Oh, Danny Boy!

Gretsch Electromatic Jet Pro – Cherry Pie
Korn – Make Me Bad
Van Halen – You Really Got Me
Powerman 5000 – Nobody’s Real
Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force – I’ll See The Light Tonight
Sevendust – Licking Cream
Robin Trower – Day Of The Eagle
311 – Flowing
Sarah McLachlan – Ice Cream
Acoustic Cafe: Open Tunings – The Key to Inspiration
Guitar Archives: T-Bone Walker – The Father of Electric Blues Guitar
Spotlight on Style: Rockabilly – Essential Techniques in the Style of Scotty Moore, Carl Perkins, and Brian Setzer
Fret Buzz: Scale Sequences – Five ways to build dexterity

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