Guitar One January 2006

Guitar One January 2006Гитарный журнал № 1 за январь 2006 г.

Ноты, табы, партия голоса, вокальный подстрочник, аккордовые диаграммы.


  • Shredder’s Delight: A Celebration of Speed – Over the years, we’ve spoken to scores of guitar players who’ve admitted, often proudly, “I’m not a shredder.” Well, we at G1 believe that every rock guitar player at least wishes he could shred. C’mon, admit it-you do, too. This is exactly why we’ve devoted an extended cover story to the subject.

Which means this issue contains more notes per page than any we’ve ever done. Go ahead, count them (we’ll see you in a couple of months). But first, put your technique to the test by attempting the licks of cover dudes Yngwie Malmsteen and Buckethead, as well as those of underground shred gods Rusty Cooley, Joe Stump, Terry Syrek, and Dave Martone.

  • Thrice – Speeding along the fast track to superstar-dom, post-punk bravehearts Thrice decided last year to slow down, pull over, and challenge themselves musically in ways no one expected. The result is Vheissu, Thrice’s first masterpiece. So why does it seem like guitarists Teppei Teranishi and Dustin Kensrue are so disappointed?
  • Joe Satriani – Flying in a Blue Dream
  • Shinedown – Save Me
  • Monk & Coltrane – Blue Monk
  • Rush – The Spirit of Radio
  • Brian Ray
  • Brothers Past
  • Super Unknown – Jimmy Weider
  • Fret Dreams – 1969 Marshall Red Plexi Stack
  • Under The Influence – Ty Tabor of King’s X
  • Set List – 10 Guitarists Who Need to Retire
  • Blues News – Ana Popovic
  • Jazz Joint – Bucky Pizzarelli & Frank Vignola
  • Riff Box – Top Riffs of 200S
  • Lesson Lab – Changing Chords
  • Rhythm Methods – The Memphis/Stax Sound
  • Soloing Strategies – Southern Rock
  • Distortion Pedaf Roundup
  • Washburn N6
  • Breedlove Atlas AJ250/SF Plus
  • Fuchs Triple Drive Supreme
  • Electro-Harmonix Flanger Hoax
  • First Act ME501
  • Back line Engineering Riff Box
  • StetsBar
  • Backline Blueprint – Foo Fighters
  • Acoustic Cafe – “The Entertainer”
  • Guitar Archives – Bob Mould
  • Basic Training – Major Scales
  • Return Of The Shred – Jason Becker
  • Last Licks – Hot Country

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