Guitar Collection Of Francesc De Paula Soler

Guitar Collection Of Francesc De Paula SolerГитарная коллекция Франческа де Паула Солера.

Ноты, звуковые примеры.

Classic guitar. Learn to play 13 classic compositions with famous Spanish guitarist Francesc de Paula Soler. Soler started his musical studies at the age of six, and later followed the tradition of Andres Segovia.

His interpretations possess a great coloring which produces an extraordinary artistic feeling in the public. He is a virtuoso in the difficult skill of the string, a master of a great acoustic resources, and thus continues the great tradition of Andres Segovia.

Soler showed himself to be unusually sensitive to color and the rhapsodic rise and fall of the phrases”…”he played dazzling solos with his left hand on the fingerboard, unleashed a battery of right-hand percussive effects on the body of the guitar, and engaged in some creative pitch-bending on blues-tinged melodies.

Regarding his wide international activity as a performer, the critics – calling him “Poet of the Guitar”- have hailed Soler as the most notable name in the new generation of Spanish guitarists.


  • Ferdinando Carulli – Siciliana (Op.121 #15)
  • Fernando Sor – The Four Notes (Op.31 #11)
  • Fernando Ferrandiere – Contradanza de los Currutacos
  • Anonymous – Mi Favorita
  • Fernando Sor – Andante Largo (Op.5)
  • Anonymous – Greensleeves
  • Gaspar Sanz – Preludio (From the Suite in e)
  • Gaspar Sanz – Ricercare (From the Spanish suite)
  • Anonymous – La Romanesca (Spanish Dance)
  • Joao Pernambuco – Sounds of Bells
  • Anonymous – Irish March
  • Amadeu Vives – The Emigrant
  • Catalonian Folk Song – The Singing of the Birds

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