Ernie Hawkins — Blues & Ragtime Guitar Of Rev. Gary Davis

The earliest Cocaine Blues we have. Rev Davis told me that this is an example of ‘country picking.’ Unlike his usual complex style of playing, it remains in the first position, and uses a steady alternating base. This is an instance where Rev Davis takes up an earlier style of playing that on the surface seems not as sophisticated as his usual playing, that uses a common progression, and turns it into something really special. It’s in the key of C but never once uses a C base. Through the three chords, he alternates 6th and 4th strings for the base. When playing the C chord, he often hammers on the 4th string base, often on the 4th beat of the measure. This contributes to the song’s contemplative and hypnotic effect. The lines that snake around the very simple melody, running through the progression, reinforce this trance inducing quality. These bases and the basic 16-bar form, act as a platform that allows him to improvise these lines seemingly endlessly. There is a serious bittersweet tone to the guitar part. It seems to come from a deep place in the soul. The words can be funny witty, down and dirty, nasty and even serious.Эрни Хокинс: «Блюзовая и рэгтайм-гитара преподобного Гэри Дэвиса».

Ноты, табы для гитары, звуковые примеры.


The Reverend Gary Davis by Alex Shoumatoff
Cocaine Blues
Baby, Let Me Lay It On You

Hesitation Blues
Penitentiary Blues
Florida Blues
Can’t Be Satisfied
Slow Drag (Cincinnati Flow Rag)
C Rag
Don’t Let My Baby Catch You Here
Make Believe Stunt (Maple Leaf Rag)

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