Bert Casey — Flatpicking Guitar Songs

Bert Casey - Flatpicking Guitar SongsБерт Кейси: «Гитарные песни в медиаторном стиле». Блюграсс.

Ноты, табы, звуковые примеры (доступны по ссылке в книге).

Песни: Will The Circle Be Unbroken, Wildwood Flower, Home Sweet Home, Cripple Creek, Red Haired Boy, Nine Pound Hammer, Sally Goodin, Old Joe Clark, Black Mountain Rag, Salt River, Billy In The Lowground, and John Hardy.

By Bert Casey is the clearest, most complete book on the market showing the secrets of playing bluegrass lead guitar and is the followup course to the Acoustic Guitar Primer Book. This lead songbook includes exciting, accurate arrangements to popular songs and is written in both tablature and standard music notation. There are 29 breaks for 12 songs, and each break is played both slow and fast on the Audio Tracks. The book features bluegrass songs that utilize several different chords and keys.

pdf. Вес файла 3,8 mb. На английском языке. 1984 г.

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