Ben Bolt – Sor In Tablature

Ben Bolt – Sor In TablatureБен Болт: “Сор в табулатуре”.

Ноты для гитары, табы, звуковые примеры.

Средний уровень сложности.


A Minor March (Andante)
Allegretto in C
Allegro in D
Allegro Moderato
Andantino in A

Basso Profundo
Best of Show
Changing Tides
Chord March
D Minor Double-stop (Moderato)
Diez (a Study in Tenths)
Double Trouble
E Minor at Midnight
E Minor Etude (Allegro Moderato)
Easter Hymn
Easy Study in 3/8
Easy Study in C
El Maestro
Elegant Desire
Estudio in Two (Andante)
Etude in Six Eight
Etude in Three Eight
Forward Roll Arpeggio Study (Andante)
Funeral March
Harmony in G
Jig in G
Lament of the Giant
Lesson in A (Andante)
Lesson in A Minor (Andante)
Lesson in B Minor (Andante)
Lesson in C (Andante)
Lesson in Cut Time (Andante)
Lesson in D (Allegro Moderato)
Lesson in E (Allegretto)
Lesson in E Minor (Movido)
Lesson in F (Moderato)
Lesson in G (Moderato)
Lesson in Serenade
Lullaby in Two Four
March of the Wooden Soldier
Melody on an E String
Napoleon’s Theme
Rhapsody in D
Simpatico en Sol
Singing Violins
Song in D Major
Song in D Minor
The Happy Woodpecker
The Precocious Pupil
Three’s a Charm (a Study in Thirds)
Victory Dance
Waltz of the Robins
When Guardsmen Sleep

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