Steve Trovato, Terry Carter – Learn To Play Blues Guitar

Steve Trovato, Terry Carter - Learn To Play Blues GuitarСтив Тровато и Терри Картер учат играть в стиле блюз на электрогитаре.

Первая часть посвящена ритм-гитаре, вторая – лидер-гитаре.

Ноты, табы, звуковые примеры.

A Brief History of the Blues as a Style
Blues Form.
Blues Rhythm
Blues Phrasing
Call and Response
Timing of Notes
How to Read Tablature (TAB)


Introduction to Blues Rhythm Guitar

Medium Shuffle

Example 1: Guitar Boogie Shuffle
Example 2: The Zipper
Example 3: Memphis Fat
Example 4: Dazzled.
Example 5: The Big One
Example 6: Slippery
Example 7: The Big Bottom
Example 8: Icy Road
Example 9: The Odd Couple
Example 10: The Rumble
Example 11: Austin’s Pride
Example 12: The Back Stack

Straight Eighths

Example 1: On the Lamb
Example 2: Lord Mr. Ford
Example 3: Short & Sweet
Example 4: The New Shoes Blues
Example 5: Too Tall Holmes
Example 6: Filthy McNasty
Example 7: Book on Outta Here
Example 8: Johnny Clear
Example 9: Sticky Figs
Example 10: Your Feet’s Too Big
Example 11: Jazz Bow
Example 12: Pay the Man

Blues-Rock Shuffle

Example 1: Blues for Breakfast
Example 2: Revellator
Example 3: Mission Ten Eleven
Example 4: Clearly a Habit
Example 5: Slidin’ Around
Example 6: The Main Squeeze
Example 7: Green and Blues
Example 8: Due Props
Example 9: Zample Pample
Example 10: Rough Neck

Uptown/Jump Blues

Example 1: Back Home Blues
Example 2: Kansas City Stomp
Example 3: The Turnpike
Example 4: Slithery
Example 5: Detroit Banger
Example 6: Floatin’ on Down to Cotton Town
Example 7: Swing Street
Example 8: Hoopie Do
Example 9: Big City Lights

Slow Blues

Example 1: When the Levy Breaks
Example 2: The Bump
Example 3: Yazoo, That’s My Baby
Example 4: Closin’ Time
Example 5: The Stormy Monday Progression

Mambo Blues

Example 1: Chordy
Example 2: Double Cross
Example 3: Shreveport
Example 4: Big Fun
Example 5: Waggin’
Example 6: Jazzeriffic


Introduction to Blues Lead Guitar


The Slide
The Pull-Off
The Hammer-On
The Trill
The Rake


Scale Variations
The 1×12 Soloing Concept

Medium Shuffle (In the Style of Stevie Ray Vaughan)

Medium Shuffle Licks
Medium Shuffle Solos

Funky Straight Eighths (In the Style of Albert Collins)

Funky Straight Eighths Licks
Funky Straight Eighths Solos

Blues-Rock (In the Style of Eric Clapton)

Blues-Rock Licks
Blues-Rock Solos

Uptown/Jump Blues (In the Style of B. B. King)

Uptown/Jump Blues Licks
Uptown/Jump Blues Solos

Slow Blues (In the Style of Jimi Hendrix)

Slow Blues Licks
Slow Blues Solos

Mambo Blues (In the Style of Albert King)

Mambo Blues Licks
Mambo Blues Solos
Final Thoughts

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