Peter Einhorn – Introducing The Dorian Mode

Peter Einhorn - Introducing The Dorian ModeПитер Эйнхорн: “Вступление в дорийский лад”.

Теория, ноты, табы, аккордовые диаграммы.

Руководство гитариста по импровизации.

(Миксолидийский лад здесь).

Introduction. This book will acquaint you with the Dorian mode and show you how to use it. You will be shown how to recognize it all over the neck and in any key.

There is an important section about how to practice the Dorian mode in ways that will readily apply to songs, and how to apply it in a variety of musical situations. There is a tape available for this book that demonstrates all the musical examples.

In addition, the tape includes play-along chord progressions described in the book so that you can practice what you are learning. The Dorian mode is a much used minor scale.

The player must be able to hear and apply this mode in order to be fluent in many styles ranging from rock, blues and fusion to jazz, Latin and swing. Carlos Santana’s solo on “Evil Ways” is a classic example of Dorian rock playing.

Santana used this mode in many of his other solos, such as “Black Magic Woman.” In the 1960’s, Van Morrison’s tune “Moondance” was among numerous songs based on the Dorian mode. Miles Davis changed the course of jazz with Dorian-based songs like “So What” and “Milestones.”

In a contemporary vein, listen to Steve Vie’s solo on “Big Trouble” from the David Lee Roth album “Eat ‘Em and Smile.” This book is designed to be read and interacted with sequentially from beginning to end, but it can also be used as reference material. Enjoy!

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