Maria Martinez — Afro-Cuban Coordination For Drumset

Maria Martinez - Afro-Cuban Coordination For DrumsetМария Мартинес: «Афро-кубинская координация для ударных».

Ноты, звуковые примеры.

Enter the realm of darkness and learn the deepest secrets of playing serious latin rhythms. Covered are power chords, riffs, evil intervals, muting & picking techniques, heavy chord, and more.

Through lessons, live performances with a band, and hand-percussion instruction, instructor Maria Martinez demonstrates a wide range of Afro-Cuban rhythms, coordination, and improvisational techniques.

Martinez’s skill is fully displayed in several hands-on demos, which cover the following styles: Mozambique, Nanigo, Songo, and Mambo; cowbell and ride cymbal variations; studies to develop left-foot clave; ostinatos, rhythm studies, 2-bar phrases; and much more! The CD features 40 full-band tracks with demos and play-alongs.

This is a great book for learning Afro-Cuban rhythms. Most of these rhythms are based on the 3-2 or 2-3 clave rhythm, so once you learn that everything else is built upon it.  The CD has 40 tracks and demonstrates the correct feel for each musical style. The author is an excellent drummer herself as evidenced by the CD. This is the book when you are ready to learn Latin rhythms.

pdf + mp3. Вес файла 89,1 mb, zip архив. На английском языке. 1999 г.

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